Friday, 18 September 2009

Obama announces intent to disobey law governing State Dept meetings, while enforcing anti-gay laws

I think our community deserves an answer to a very important question.

Why is the Obama administration repeatedly refusing to obey laws on a variety of matters, but when it comes to anti-gay laws such as DOMA and Don't Ask Don't Tell, or the HIV travel ban, not only does the Obama administration refuse to disobey them, they actively defend DOMA and DADT in court. What's worse, the administration, with the help of Barney Frank, has argued that if they didn't defend DOMA in court, if they didn't keep kicking two US soldiers a day out of the military, then they'd be somehow undercutting the law just like the Bush administration did, and that would be wrong.

But that's exactly what the Obama administration is doing in countless non-gay cases that we've document over the past several months.

This is why Joe and I have been so critical of the administration lately. Something is going on. They're backing off of their promises to our community, and giving these phony excuses for why they're doing it, and then Barney Frank jumps in and defends them, using the same phony excuse. Then we catch them in the lie.

Perhaps it's time that our lead groups, beyond just SLDN, started holding the administration's feet to the fire on their promises to our community (I know, they would risk those White House cocktail invites). And perhaps it's time that Tammy Baldwin grew a pair, and that Barney Frank got over this post-gay phase he seems to be going through.

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