Friday, 18 September 2009

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs still giving odd non-committal answers about repealing DADT

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The following has been clipped from the Americablog Gay dated 16 September 2009 _________________________

At what point does Admiral Mullen actually have to start following President Obama's orders, and not the other way around? And when exactly will President Obama be moving ahead on this strategy to repeal DADT? After health care reform is done? But then we'll be doing Wall Street Reform. And next year is the congressional elections, and we've already been told to forget gay stuff that year. So when will be a good time to set our people free? SLDN is pissed, and rightly so.

TK: What is it with this admiral? Is he senile, waterlogged, arrogant, or just plain dumb?  Perhaps the earwigs have gotten to what little brain matter he has?  Then again, isn't the military supposed to stay clear and above the political fray, as are the religious establishments?
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