Monday, 14 September 2009

Are We Ready? Arguments Against ENDA

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The following has been clipped from The Bilerico Project Report dated 14 September 2009

ENDA is coming, and we must get ready for the coming onslaught of illogical arguments. Anything involving religion in politics, even peripherally, is sure to frighten some that the government is infringing their right to practice their religion. Fortunately, ENDA does not prohibit any religious beliefs or expressions protected by the First Amendment. However, that will not stop the argument from being made. Today we will take at look at religious arguments against ENDA.

Religious opponents of ENDA are using the "reverse-discrimination" argument. The suggestion here is that ENDA will force churches and religious schools who have religious objections to hire lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

In addition, the argument is that by forbidding religious extremists from rousting LGBT workers from their jobs, they are being prohibited from practicing their religion. Furthermore, these opponents say that ENDA will call for the firing of any employees who disapprove of homosexuality and prohibit any religious symbols in the workplace, such as the Bible, because the religion they symbolize condemns homosexuality. These arguments are incorrect. They can be rebutted effectively. But they are tricky, because the line between religious freedom and religious intolerance has always been a slippery one.

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