Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Catholic Church enters Maine's marriage battle

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The following has been clipped from The Bilerico Project Report published 15 September 2009.
"It is remarkable the arrogance of this craven coven of priests and bishops who believe that they can interfere and intervene in the lives of the so-called "faithful" to suit their interests and purposes.  Where paedophilia failed to bring in recruits to their ranks, now they prey (and pray) on the inner fears of the common man with their ever so NOT subtle homophobia to control the masses. And all this under the guise of a tax-free "church" status rather than as a guide to individual spirituality.  Once again Holy Mother Roman Catholic Church steps in to where she is not wanted and in to where she does not belong."  -- TK
The Catholic Church is revving up for the ballot initiative in Maine. Does anyone think it's appropriate for the Church to be saying that a legal contract is defined by God? Notice the children being forced to participate in this ritual (after they complain about marriage being taught in schools!), as well as the, um, Church historian they interviewed who said that the Church's teachings aren't influenced by the changing times or by politics. Even for homophobes, these people have a stunning lack of self-awareness.
TK: One thing is for certain, and that is that the bully pulpiteers have a plethora of arrogance.

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