Friday, 11 September 2009

The bible is Pro-Gay

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The following has been clipped from The Bilerico Project Report dated 10 September 2009.
Those pro-gay Christian billboards that appeared a few years back in Indianapolis are back, and this time they're going to the belly of the beast: Texas.

This one lady's reaction is just too funny, and proves the value of posting these billboards:
Christine Lutz was traveling down Interstate-30, just east of Fort Worth, when she came face to face with a billboard containing a pro-gay message. "I cringed. I was disgusted at the same time," she said.
The billboard angered Lutz so much, that she fired off a stern e-mail. "I said how dare you take the scriptures and twist it to fit your needs," she recalled.

Yes, because conservatives have never taken the scriptures and twisted them to fit their needs! How dare those queers actually read the Bible and interpret it themselves! Don't they know that only upstanding evangelicals are allowed to know what God really thinks?
It's more scary than it is hysterical, since if these Christians knew anything about the history of their religion, they'd know how many battles were fought, and how many people were either killed or excommunicated, for the right to interpret the Bible for themselves.

What should be shocking from this article is the fact that there are people who become angry when other people choose to read the Bible themselves. You don't have to burn heretics at the stake anymore - these folks already stopped wanting to know what the Bible really says.

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